For superior Fire Protection, Insulation, Scaffolding, Painting and Refractory, Faisal S Al-Naimi is the name to trust. The company has been a major force in the Kingdom's massive industrial services  sector since 1975, when it introduced a comprehensive range of highly dependable and cost efficient services to the booming construction market.

Al-Naimi services are directed by an experienced management team, these services are designed to meet the demanding requirement of different industry such as:

  • Hydro Carbon Industry.
  • Petrochemical Industry.
  • Oil Production & Refining.
  • Power Generation Plants.
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings.

FSN is the leading fireproofing contractor in Saudi Arabia, performing these services since inception in 1975.

FSN fireproofing services cover the supply & application of fireproofing to structural steelmembers, such as Column, Beam & Metal Decking with various range and types of fireproofing material for the structure to maintain the fire ratings required as per the project specification.

The material used is cementitious with different densities, epoxy intumescent and thin film intumescent paint.

Supply of fire rated board is also part a of FSN services.

FSN is an approved applicator by major fireproofing manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, Europe & U.S.A for their different types of fireproofing products.

The total surface area of fireproofing jobs performed by FSN has exceeded 6 million square meters since inception in 1975, covering Commercial and Residential Buildings, Schools and Warehouses... etc. ( Please refer to projects list page ) Almost all fireproofing on SABIC plants in jubail & yanbu as well as ARAMCO plants were executed by FSN in the past 25 years.

With our cementitious material acoustic plaster we can solve your ECHO problem in Theatre, Auditorium, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley….etc.

Coating prevent flame propagation, and delay short circuit. It keeps a cable fire localized to it's source.

By preventing the flame spread along the cable insulation the coating reduces the aggresive vapors given by PVC, so the current carrying the capacity of the cable remains unchanged.

We provide Actuator Enclosures tested as per the requirements of ARAMCO & other local petrochemical industries.

Reliable protection is required for the systems controlling the plant in case of a FIRE. These enclosures do just that, keeping the valve actuator functioning for up to 30 minutes even when the outside temperature reaches1000 °C. These enclosures can easily be opened for in-service inspection and maintenance.

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